You can remove the sebum from your face like this

I tried to remove sebum from my face so that it wouldn’t be difficult at all

I tried to remove sebum from my face so that it wouldn’t be difficult at all

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is under a lot of stress because of the sudden increase in blackheads and whiteheads.Right? So I’ve been researching and taking care of my face in various ways since now. I’ve tried the famous nose pack and exfoliating agent, but it only turned red when the irritation got worse. Tears

Not only my nose but also my chin was unanswered because of the whitehead, but I’ve already done everything I have to do, and I thought it was too good to give up here… So after visiting and looking for care, I finally got the right management method!

Can you believe it if this is the current state? The sebum removal from the puffy face has become certain, and the wide pores have become fine and painful!
Currently, I have maintained clean skin and the quality of life has improved a lot. So many of you may be wondering how I managed it, but from now on, I will share my own routine little by little.”:) Focus and follow me~!

In the first step of removing sebum from my face, I used a cleansing oil containing jojoba ingredient that softens and melts without irritation 🙂 It has a structure similar to sebum, which is very effective in separating skin and waste

I gently rolled my nose and chin, which are important parts, to soften the sebum that had hardened inside (lol) Because of its very light and watery texture, I was able to gently cleanse my skin as a power oiler!

After rolling enough, the oil process was carried out by adding a small amount of water, and at this time, particles broke into the oil and gently pulled out old waste and sebum lumps that were stuck hard in the pores!
Sebum doesn’t come out noticeably at first, but if you keep taking care of it continuously, blood. The paper gradually softens, so you can feel the pleasure of falling out from then onAnd he used a cleansing gel to remove all waste left on the skin while taking care of Democon, a special care company, which is held about twice a week (lol). While applying lightly overall, he rolled his nose and chin more intensively using his index finger and middle finger!
When rolled, white turbidity occurred and a slight heating feeling was felt. Plant-derived complex components in the product went through three stages of adsorption, separation and decomposition of waste and keratin in poresAfter using the cleansing gel, the skin becomes a little dry and keratinized, and the overall skin texture is clean!
Originally, oil was completely removed. I thought a lot about sharing honey information with you. I revealed this to show you my management process transparentlyIf you take care of it steadily for about a month and a half, it will be easier to remove sebum from your face.Did your pores become fine and you eat a lot of makeup and your skin is firm?I’m glad the effect was really fast, perhaps because I used natural products that weren’t stimulating!
I recommend you to refer to my posting and take care of people who have worries like me as I told you!

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